The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #1 - Higher Taxes for Everyone

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #2 - Less Representation

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #3 - No Economic Benefit

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #4 - More Costly Government

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #5 - Higher Sewer Rates

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #6 - Concentration of Political Power

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #7 - Fewer elected officials, more appointed officials


Bruce Ungethiethiem Endorsed by FOP and CORE

Bruce Ungethiem, County Commissioner candidate for District 2 has received and endorsement by both FOP and CORE.  We firmly believe Bruce to be the best candidate for the job, and we wish him well.

Loss of A Friend

The CORE group lost a very dear friend in Rick Davis.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rick’s family. RIP Rick Davis

Stand With Stephanie

  In 2012, CORE stood strongly against consolidation, and standing with us was Stephanie Brinkerhoff Riley; inviting us to work in her food booth at the fall festival with CORE T-shirts on, and allowing our display of  CORE signs on

Take Charge Of Your Government

Is November 2014 the year to dump the incumbents? Now that the smoke from the battle has cleared, politicians are  diagnosing the results of their victories/defeats, pundits are picking the fall elections winners, political parties are reconoitering from defeats/wins, potential

Grass Roots Effort Rewards Bruce With Victory

To all the voters who gave Bruce the victory over incumbent Marsha Abell, we give you a BIG THANK YOU.  This primary was pretty lack-luster with few contested races, but the biggie was for County Commissioner, and you responded beautifully. 


Crunch time is upon us, and Marsha must really be feeling the pressure.  TV ads are appearing with a STATE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL endorsing a candidate in a primary election.   Once again, Marsha has to go to Indianapolis for support.  Grasping at

Believe The Mailer Or The Action?

7 days before election, we received a mailer from Marsha saying she is  opposed to consolidation, but in 2011 she voted FOR consolidation, and would not allow a separate vote for City and rural residents.  Which one should I believe; the mailer

Democrat or Republican: Your Opportunity To Change County Government

VOTE: Your Opportunity to change County Government Democrat or Republican, you have a stake in this primary election; an opportunity to bring  fresh new ideas, and  add professionalism to the County Commissioners.  Yes, you can vote REPUBLICAN even if you are a

Kiefer Does The Unthinkable

Commissioner Joe Kiefer’s endorsement of Montrastelle has the GOP Central Committee up in arms.  Marsha’s fair-haired boy came out publicly for Montrastelle against his own party’s power-brokers, and  his  chances for support from his own party just went out the window.  In

Political Contributions – The Force Behind Elections

Financial documents (CFA4) filed April 21 by both candidates for Vanderburgh County Commissioner, Bruce Ungethiem and Marsha Abell, reveal a wide disparity in the amounts of political contributions each has received.  Marsha filing revealed $94,000 in contributions, to Bruce’s $26,924.  Marsha’s top