The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #1 - Higher Taxes for Everyone

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #2 - Less Representation

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #3 - No Economic Benefit

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #4 - More Costly Government

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #5 - Higher Sewer Rates

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #6 - Concentration of Political Power

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reorganization: #7 - Fewer elected officials, more appointed officials


Fraternal Order of Police Endorse Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner

At a press conference April 17, the Local Fraternal Order of Police announced their endorsement Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner in the upcoming primary election. With a membership of more than 1,400 members of both Evansville Police and Vanderburgh County Sheriff departments, this endorsement gives Bruce another

Felstead Road Erosion Problems Ignored By County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners voted to allow development of property on Felstead Road, near the Lloyd Expressway, overriding and ignoring the Area Plan Commission rejection of the project.  Thus began a wave of complaints from neighbors that the developer, Dan

Tuesday May 6 Primary Election Day

The process is very easy.  Go to the polling place, ask for a Republican or Democrat ballot.  Then vote your conviction.  Even if you are registered as a Democrat, you can ask for a GOP ballot, or if registered as

Abell’s Speech to Vanderburgh Federated Republican Women

the following is a transcript of Abell’s speech, March 26, 2014 “I spoke recently to two college classes of poli science, political science classes.  And one of the things that I found about young people is they don’t have any

Bruce Ungethiem responds to Abell’s speech

On Wednesday March 26, 2014, I had the pleasure of attending the Vanderburgh County Federated Republican Women’s candidate night at the Evansville Country Club. Each candidate received 5 minutes to speak and most of them did a very good job.

Free T-Shirts


Want a FREE T-Shirt??   Volunteers supporting Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner get free T-shirts.  Volunteers are needed to help at the polling stations, distribute literature, door-to-door campaigning, and many other opportunites to show your support.   We have your size,

Bruce U Yard Signs


For those who want to show their support of Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner, we have yard signs available, just looking for a spot.  High traffic, low traffic, we accept them all.  Signs are approximately 32″W x 24″ H.  We

Armstrong Fund Raiser A Rousing Success

Over 130 supporters of Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner attended a fund raiser Saturday night at the Armstrong Recreational Center. They were treated to a catered dinner and a live auction that included everything from signed Don Mattingly baseballs to

SB273 Annexation Reform Bill Defeated

The bill to modernize the annexation laws was defeated by a tie vote in the Indiana Senate.   Our local Senators,  Vaneta Becker vote against the bill, and Jim Tomes voted for the bill. If passed, this TAXPAYER FRIENDLY bill would have

Farm Bureau Endorses Bruce Ungethiem for Commissioner

Vanderburgh County Farm Bureau, Inc., a membership organization representing 5000 members in the county, has officially endorsed Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner in District #2. With Bruce’s proven leadership, years of business management experience, and work as co-chair of CORE