Kansas City Consolidation Propaganada

The former Mayor of Kansas City Kansas has painted a glowing picture of how prosperous her city has become since consolidation with Wyandotte County.  She is now, by invitation, busy touting the good fortunes that lie ahead if Evansville/Vanderburgh County consolidates.

The propaganda that is being spread, though, is misleading, and in some cases plainly incorrect.  While we respect the former mayor, CORE is compelled to present the real facts of post-consolidation Kansas City and Wyandotte County.

A well-versed CORE supporter has studied the former mayor’s propaganda points and reports the following:

PROPAGANADA: Population has stabilized

FACT: Consolidated Wyandotte County is the only county in the MSA with ten year population decline.



Ten Year Population Growth

2010 Population

2000 Population

Bates Missouri




Caldwell Missouri




Cass Missouri




Clay Missouri




Clinton Missouri




Franklin Kansas




Jackson Missouri




Johnson Kansas




Lafayette Missouri




Leavenworth Kansas




Linn Kansas




Miami Kansas




Platte Missouri




Ray Missouri




Wyandotte Kansas




PROPAGANDA: Property tax rates were cut by more than 10%

FACT: Property taxes are up in total against a declining residential property base. Property tax rates cut by more than 10% translates to rate increases not cuts.

“The value of Wyandotte County property dropped 16% since 2008”

From page 11 of the 2011 Amended and 2012 Proposed Operating Budget of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County Kansas City, KS

PROPAGANDA: Single-family housing stats are at record levels

FACT: Maybe this refers to record LOW levels.  Building permits remain in a dramatic free fall.

Single-Family Building Permits 2004-2011*

*Source: Unified Gov’t Building Insp.

PROPAGANDA: Property values are steadily increasing

FACT: Median House Values are actually dropping.

(Note: This chart again demonstrates a rising tax rate.)

PROPAGANDA: Philanthropic recognition and investment

This is not a fact-supported type of statement.  But we can hope it is true because the only way they are funding anything with the economic freefall they are in is if someone is Philanthropic and gives it to them.  They slapped an extra charge on the local casino to get more money; surely it and its employees considered that philanthropic!

PROPAGANDA: Taxpayers support of school bond issues

FACT: The consolidation had nothing to do with the schools.  Given the declining residential property values and the mill rates being applied to this for all the other taxing entities, the economic disaster that the consolidation had is hurting schools, libraries, etc. indirectly with control moved beyond them to this unified government.

PROPAGANDA: Reinvestment in the Urban Core

FACT: You can look at Community Development, Community Programs, Emergency Shelter, and Housing budget patterns in the tables below to see otherwise.  By the way, the Mayor’s Office, County Administrators office, Appraiser, Contract Compliance budgets are all showing increases in this same period.  Sadly, Fire Equipment Purchase and Maintenance spending was cut too.

PROPAGANDA: New Growth and Development including Kansas Speedway; Tourism District Strength in a single policy-making body

FACT: The labor force continues to decline.  In addition, the mix has gone to lower paying retail and service jobs if you look at the employment by industry data over the consolidation timeframe.

Please vote NO in NOvember.

3 Responses to Kansas City Consolidation Propaganada

  1. Jayne Buthod says:

    I can’t offer my appreciation enough for the extensive research and documentation done by hardworking CORE members. This research establishes the utter lack of credibility in the comments made by our recent visitor, the former Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas. The totally misleading and inaccurate statements made just the other night and repeated by the YES campaign manager should leave every citizen shocked and dismayed that our current civic leaders would allow and support such self-serving “mis-statements.” Everyone needs to ask themselves why would supporters of reorganization go to such lengths to sell this “plan”

  2. Emmons Patzer says:

    You can see locally the budget directions would be similar with no check and balance on the mayor. You saw the request that a select handful of political cronies in the mayor’s office were proposed to get huge raises. The council was able to stop it now but if this consolidation passes your tax dollars also will be going for the mayor’s friends salaries rather than fire equipment, housing/shelter, or parks and recreation.

    It is not just the city council which has recently had to exercise some checks and balances. Marsh Abell was all for this consolidation and then the reality of the human services funding grab came to light. The commission and council were able to draw the line again.

    Vote “NO” to protect your local government. Don’t let these outside forces grab your money and your future.

  3. kcvoter says:

    As always it is our pleasure to inform of the rotten corruption in KCK. We fight and fight to right this ship of greed and corruption.

    All we did was to consolidate criminal, thus putting them on a sure course to bankrupt this City and Utility. We are $4 Billion in debt and growing and the City budget has increased three times just as our taxes.

    Please keep the OLD Mayor she was fired here for telling stories and promising that taxes would not go up.

    We don’t want her back and I can think of about ten more politicians to ship you.

    Good Luck

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